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ALL rules must be followed, you get 3 warnings, and then you are kicked out of the Gigas group and your Gigas are taken away. Follow the rules, and we'll get along just fine.

:bulletgreen:Submit to the correct folder, NEVER to featured!

:bulletgreen:This group is for art of the Gigas breed ONLY, no other breeds or subjects will be accepted. If the piece does not contain a Gigas in it that's obvious (meaning visible and the main focus of the piece.), it will be declined, no exceptions.

:bulletgreen:If you used a reference for your picture, credit the stock provider, I've been looking around the stock of dA for a very long time, I will know if you have used someone's picture.

:bulletgreen:All Gigas must follow the breed rules, no exceptions.

:bulletgreen:You may not advertise or ask for advertisement in or from the group.

:bulletgreen:You may NOT</u> make Gigas adoptables. Gigas may only be created to those with permission from :iconnefur-studios:. If caught making Gigas, you will be banned from the breed and group.

:bulletgreen:The Gigas is a closed breed, meaning you can NOT make your own without permission from :iconnefur-studios:

:bulletgreen:Those banned or warned by the group and breed, will be added to the blacklist along with how close they are to being banned and how long they are banned.

:bulletgreen:Do not beg admins or other members/Gigas owners for Gigas.

:bulletgreen:Be respectful to admins and other members, we have a 0% tolerance rule for bullying and harassment.

If more rules need to be added in the future, they will be.
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August 18, 2013


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